Zipnosis offers a virtual care platform that utilizes traditional telemedicine software capabilities, plus transformative online virtual care tools to drive exceptional clinical quality and durable financial returns for health care system nationwide. Zipnosis delivers the widest choice of virtual care technologies and services on the market, from simple acute care to chronic condition management, while dramatically improving clinician efficiency.


My Role

I joined the Product Team at Zipnosis as their first internal User Experience and User Interface Designer. It was key for me to create a structured design process that worked well within the Agile development environment, generate an extensive design pattern library and style guide that would inform the look and feel of the platform, and work within the company to uphold design standards. 

I soon learned that in order for the Zipnosis platform to scale successfully as a responsive white label product, adhere to the development restrictions, and allow for customer brand color customization, considerable considerations has to be taken into account during the design process. To overcome process challenges, I turned to an iterative and collaborative approach with internal stakeholders that continues to result in meeting our product roadmap deadlines and achieving customer satisfaction.  

Style Guide and Design Pattern Library

Patient Experience

The Zipnosis telemedicine platform adds a convenient, cost-effective, online access point. This serves as a digital front door for patients who can’t or are aren’t interested in visiting a brick-and-mortar location for care, capturing patient visits that might otherwise leak out of a health system.

Patient Interview and account set-up

Patient Profile

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Patient Chat Experience

Clinician Experience

The Zipnosis platform is built specifically for healthcare organizations, and fits seamlessly into provider workflows meaning no additional staffing is required. Efficient use of resources is furthered by Zipnosis’ comprehensive suite of integrations, which embed the virtual care platform within existing clinical and operational IT systems.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Clinician Chat Experience

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